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Use within 6 months

Use within 6 months


Can I use my ticket for a total of 24 hours of rides over several days?

How far ahead should I make arrangements?

What forms of payment does Go New York Tours accept?

How do I get my physical tickets if I make an online purchase?

Where do I pick up my sightseeing tickets that I purchased online?

What should I do if I don't receive my confirmation email after making an online purchase?

Where can I buy tickets in New York City?

Are tickets required for children?

Do I get discounts if I purchase the tickets online?

Are tour tickets purchased from your website refundable?

When does the clock on the timed packages start?

Can I board the bus with only my online voucher?

Can I get on the Liberty Cruise with a printout of my online voucher?

What is a charter and how much do they cost?

What kind of vehicles are available for charter?

Who drives your vehicles?

Do you pick up at my hotel?

Do you offer a student discount?

Do you provide group discounts?

Do you offer airport transfers?

How does a Group book in advance?

How can I place advertisements on your buses?

Do we allow third party advertisements on our vehicles?

How can I place advertising online or on your brochure?

Where should I start the tour?

Are all of your tours Hop-On, Hop-Off?

Do buses run 24 hours per day?

What are your hours of operation?

Is smoking or drinking allowed aboard your vehicles?

Are your vehicles handicapped accessible?

Where do the double decker buses stop on your Hop-On Hop-Off tours?

Do your open-top double decker buses operate in the rain?

What does Hop on Hop off mean?

Do your routes cover all of the famous attractions?

What is your tour schedule?

When does the first tour start, and when does the last hop-on, hop off tour ends?

Do you operate every day?

How long are your tours?

What is the difference between hours of operation and ticket validity?

What languages (besides English) you have on the buses?

Where can I find service information about the seasonal or unplanned schedule changes?

How are the bus stops designated?

Can I hop-on or hop-off anywhere along your routes?

Do you offer tours to other cities?

Are any attractions included in the price of the Double Decker Bus Pass?

How do I get to the Liberty Cruise?

Does the Liberty Cruise dock at Liberty Island so that we can walk to the Statue of Liberty?

Can I purchase tickets directly from the terminal? Is the price different from the online price?

How do I determine what bus I take? What does your bus look like?


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